BitTorrent official client eponymous protocol, peer-to-peer, and it is lightweight and packed with features.

Download a file type

BitTorrent to find Torrent Search filesyou Bit Che can also be used as an alternative, and this includes RSS technology isused for presence user new avalanche warning online. For each torrent, the program displays data andinformation opshtataprezemete peers, seeds, and trackers, as well as maps to download to download speed and.

BitTorrent is not just usedfor downloadfiles (movies, games, documents, video, MP3 and other materiaalnie covered by copyright), but also created to carry sharingthem.

BitTorrent offers borrowed several other features of uTorrent, including:

AJasni and configurableinterface

The interface is intuitive, well-organized and have a modern design. From the main screen, you can theactive and onaktiewetorrents and completed downloads and the ability toaccess options menu, where you can configure all the settings see the bottom of BitTorrent.

Excellentand easily one of thebest pieces ofP2P software

BitTorrent, like uTorrent is one of the most popular pieces of software for exchanging lêers.Dit consumes little resources, weigh your computer down, and rarely freezes.

Finally, it is ideal for anyone looking for quality veryconfigurable Brooke client and can be used forfree P2Pdownloads.


Version of BitTorrent, significant changes as a set of transfers, streaming, maliInterfejsverandering, health meters (more sophisticatedas “availability”, but with a simpler interface), the embedded player, remote access and other improvements. All are customizable and optional and not terwyldie profile size of the product almost the same!

BitTorrent 7.9