Kimchi Untuk Awak 2017

Kimchi untuk AwakBased on the novel of the same name Suri Ryana, the history of Bella, a student studying at the University of South Korea. During his semester break, he decides to spend their free time in Malaysia. However, there is a quiet and peaceful life changes after it enters i’rmethiant Malay Korean boy named Lee Jae Hwan Danial. At the same time, Bella`s sister asked her to make kimchi as a gift to welcome president of his company. But Bella discoverssoon that President Danial kompaniyiye. Things are more hands when families on both ochrpenderfynu combine the two as a couple.


Classification: P13

last general release: March 30, 2017

Comedy / Romance

Duration: 1 hour 58 minutes

Distributor: Astro Shaw

Starring: Ayman Hakim Maembonh Emma, ​​Janna Nick Sharif Sakina, Ungku Harris, Natasha Elyzza, Abu Zahar Thira

Director: Michael Angie

Format: 2D