Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus

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– NOTE: Tested and works with Windows 7 and 10

The new touch-optimized reading mode in Word 2013, you can view documents fingerprint. For aldaketakdokumentuak, made a thorough review, andHe spreads editingdocumentseasier. Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus supports PDF files in Adobe Acrobat direct competitor without any additional software.

It is known to use the new features

In Excel 2013 Flash compatibility with a number of new features will be automatically selected cells. Excel parsestaula whole, recognizes the relationships between cells suggests the value or text. Excel pivot tables and graphs, as well as facilitating the creation of the proposal.analizaSzybka the new features of Microsoft Office 2013, the same calculation as you can see some of the formatting options.

PowerPoint 2013 moderator divided into two different views of society and ereModeratzaile. In addition to the presentation, you can see a list of your teeth and more details on the projector screen. Finger gestures on a tablet that can be changed, to talk about the film or slides verwendenEin virtual laser pointer with a drawing pen.

Number of views Outlook 2013 includes FadeWappointments, contacts and tasks menu. E-mail in 2013, now the tablet to operate and can be optimized on the list looking at the broader perspective, if necessary.

The use of touch-optimized and minimalist design Windows 8

If you are using Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, you will notice that it is not annoying change. The famous bar strip is extended only when necessary, and is optimized for touch screen operation palca.KodeinęgainHTML image Microsoft Office 2013Professional Plus, you can embed videos. All applications are new, touch optimized display modes.

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, minimalist design tiles used as Windows 8, and it seems klopfen.Große together, the most vital functions of icons arranged in a clean, new templates, while providing a visually and habitual presentations to our board.

Conclusion: Improved Universal Biuroapartament

Microsoft Office2013 Professional Plus many useful features that allows you to selectively screen device comes with on-screen. Unfortunately, the Office is by no means friendly tablet. Selectors and too many opportunities for training fingers are small.

EzaugarriHala in other Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus are much more convincing: PDF Editor better creative editing, it is the integration of SkyDrive and additives, such as embedding videos from YouTubetak great innovation.

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