The Promise 2016

bright medical student Michael (Oscar Isaac) meets beautiful dance instructor Anna (Charlotte Le Bon) at the end of 1914. They Armenian descent attraction cause rivalry that burst into romance between the young Michael and Anna (Christian Bale) American journalist dedicated toexposing the truth. The Ottoman Empire collapsed in chaos war should postpone their passions conflict as they join forces for you and your people to safety aobter.

draped, cult figures like police stop (Aaron Poole), patients and staff withina hospital that is a gateway for evil.

A promise that during the last days of the Ottoman Empire follows a love triangle between Michael, a medical student, brilliant, beautiful and sophisticated Anna and Chris – the famous American journalist based in Paris.

whenpolice Carter (Aaron Poole) found bloody man hampered by a deserted road, accelerate went bolnicalocalcun phone, night shift staff. Surrounding …

See full summary When police Carter (Aaron Poole) found bloody man suffers a deserted road, accelerateIt is a local hospital personnel colon night shift. As cult figures wrapped around the building, patients and staff need to start turning a mad rage. Try to protect the survivors, Carter leads into the depths of the hospital where he discovered the portalof great evil.